Station Satcom
Fleet Broadband
FleetBroadband is the first truly global maritime communications service offering simultaneous broadband data and voice via a compact antenna.

Now, you can have unprecedented connectivity between your vessels and the shore, regardless of position or conditions at sea. FleetBroadband provides a cost-effective, fast, reliable and easy-to-use “always-available” solution for email, Internet, corporate network and voice services.

Based on the BGAN network using 3G standards, FleetBroadband delivers data rates up to 432 kbps utilizing Inmarsat’s I-4 satellite constellation. Worldwide coverage is available as from February 2009.

With the benefit of the Stratos Advantage, FleetBroadband from Stratos-Station Satcom is elevated far above baseline FleetBroadband services. These value-added services provide users with cost and traffic control, firewall management, data optimization, high security options, easy VPN access, messaging services and full IP range.

The Stratos Advantage

1. Cost and Traffic Control Stratos Dashboard™
FleetBroadband from Stratos has been fully integrated into the Stratos Dashboard. This online system is particularly prized by customers for its fast provisioning, cost management and credit management functions. It also provides reporting options, detailed traffic management, billing and troubleshooting information.
2. Security Services Stratos Trench™
(Customer Managed Firewall) A personal firewall between the Internet and the FleetBroadband network that increases security and saves costs. Authorize or block (Web) traffic and applications via a userfriendly online interface.
3. Customer Service and Consultancy 24x7 Customer Support
Stratos provides a single point-of-contact for all initial and ongoing service requirements. Our skilled customer service professionals are on call around the clock to assist with all FleetBroadband networking and billing issues. In addition to global presence Stratos has local support in major locations around the world.
4. Messaging Services AmosConnect™ from Inmarsat
AmosConnect is a specialized maritime messaging and information service. This state-of-the-art messaging technology provides you with a mailbox that supports email, fax, telex, data, video and file attachments. AmosConnect incorporates high-level compression as well as duplex transmission, mid-point transmission recovery and allows for subscription to information services such as news, weather and sports
Fleet Broadband Fact sheet.pdf 
Inmarsat B
Even in the most remote locations, the superior Inmarsat B service from Stratos offers a comprehensive, fully digital communications package designed for applications such as video conferencing, Internet access, voice and Telex services, as well as fax and data transmission.

The Inmarsat B system, which continues to be extremely popular with the maritime community, provides separate channels for voice, telex, fax and data, as well as Stratos' 64 kbps high-speed data (HSD) option, which make it an advantageous choice for high-volume satellite communications users. Transportable terminals are the size of a small suitcase and weigh 15-20 kg. Maritime terminals have radomes 1.0-1.2 m in height and weigh 60-70 kg.
Voice at 16.0 kbps
Fax at 14.4 kbps
Data at 9.6 kbps
High-speed Data (HSD) at 64/56 kbps
LAN/WAN links
Video conferencing
Full-service digital communications
Secure voice, fax, and data services
AmosConnect from Stratos
High Speed Data
Space Segment Leasing
Coverage Map
Inm-B fact sheet.pdf  
Mini-M service from Stratos-Station Satcom offers cost-effective and reliable voice, fax, and data communications from virtually anywhere in the world. Utilizing spot beam satellite technology, mini-M terminals are currently one of the smallest, lightest, and most power-efficient of all of the Inmarsat voice terminals.

Transportable terminals are the size of a notebook computer and weigh less than 5 kg including internal batteries. Marine terminals have radomes measuring 0.15 m in height and weigh approximately 5 kg. Used on ships, yachts, and fishing vessels, these terminals are ideal for crew calling when they are used in conjunction with our convenient and cost effective Stratos-Station Satcom ChatCard service.
Voice, fax, and data capabilities (2.4 kbps)
Individual crewmember accounts with SIM cards
Secure voice, fax, and data services
Crewcalling Stratos ChatCard service (link to ChatCard product page)
Coverage Map
Mini-M fact sheet.pdf  
Inmarsat C
Inmarsat C from Stratos-Station Satcom is a reliable two-way packet data service using compact, low-cost terminals. Through Stratos-Station Satcom, you can access a broad range of Inmarsat C services.

Convenient and cost-effective messaging, to and from Inmarsat C terminals with many different service options, including e-mail, fax and telex.
Global Inmarsat C Messaging - Standard Inmarsat C messaging in fax, telex and data formats
C-SMS - For sending and receiving SMS messages via an Inmarsat C terminal
Prepaid Messaging - Prepaid service for personal or small business accounts. Open an account with a credit card, to send messages to Inmarsat C terminals using your e-mail
The Stratos-Station Satcom C-email service makes communication with vessels easy and eliminates higher costs of services such as telex. C-email is a gateway service between the international Internet (e-mail) environment and the Inmarsat C network. This quick, reliable service enables you to send messages via e-mail to any Inmarsat C terminal, anywhere in the world.
Easy to use from mobile: just send a message according to given format to SAC 28 or SAC EMAIL. No registration at Stratos- Station Satcom is needed.
Easy to use from shore or fixed terrestrial location. You only need to register your e-mail address at Stratos-Station Satcom to send e-mails to mobiles using your existing e-mail service
Economic: you can use 5, 7 or 8 bits to send your messages in both directions
No subscription or monthly fees. Pay only for what you use.
Attachments can be very costly. At Stratos-Station Satcom you decide whether you want to send attachments or not, at the moment of your registration.
Free negative delivery notifications in both directions
Inmarsat C fact sheet.pdf 

C-SMS is the Stratos-Station Satcom Short messaging service between the Inmarsat-C network and GSM mobile phones. With a minimum of effort you can send short messages to any GSM user. GSM users can also register at Stratos-Station Satcom to send messages to Inmarsat-C terminals.

C-SMS provides a direct link between two worldwide networks: the Inmarsat-C satellite network and GSM phones. No additional hardware or software is needed. If your message is longer than the standard 160 characters, it will be split into the necessary number of SMS messages.
C-SMS fact sheet.pdf 
BGAN offers significantly expanded bandwidth and capabilities, as compared to current-generation mobile satellite services.

Among the unique benefits that BGAN offers are:

Higher Speed Data: Leveraging the increased power of Inmarsat’s I-4 satellites, BGAN offers high-speed data connections at speeds up to 492 kbps,significantly faster than any other current generation mobile satellite service.

Streaming Data: This QoS IP data option, available on all BGAN terminals, provides a guaranteed data throughput up to 256 kbps. This is a significant benefit for customers who need guaranteed, uninterrupted throughput, without contended service degradation.

Simultaneous Voice Service: BGAN offers a low-speed 4.8 kbps voice service, providing a toll-quality connection and bringing customers the added benefit of voice in the field. In addition, both voice and data services can operate simultaneously on a single BGAN terminal, making the system flexible to a degree that is unprecedented in mobile satellite communications.

BGAN Launch Pad: The BGAN Launch Pad is a revolution in satellite software usability, providing a standard user interface across all BGAN terminals. The Launch Pad enables users to control their connection type, access utilities, and provides quick setup instructions for the terminal, including step-by-step pointing information.

Advantage: Stratos Dashboard™ – No more surprise bills. To monitor and control costs, our extensive online BGAN customer care Dashboard provides real-time information on the amount of traffic used for voice and data, and the associated costs.

Credit Watch Facilities – Customers can monitor, manage and limit the consumption per SIM as well as per groups of SIMs.

Instant Online Self Provisioning – BGAN Dashboard also gives customers the means to review their contracts and installed base, as well as the ability to instantly activate, de-activate and change service configurations.

Stratos Trench™ (Customer Managed Firewall) – Trench is a personal firewall between the internet and the BGAN network. (Web) traffic and Applications can be authorized or blocked via a user-friendly online interface.
BGAN Fact sheet.pdf 
Fleet Family
The Fleet Family of products provides four ocean region maritime coverage with each Fleet variant suited to a particular type of maritime user. Your global maritime shipping communicationneeds are met with Fleet F77.

Four ocean region coverage turns any vessel into a floating office with key features like 128 kbps ISDN connectivity. Your ships can now be seamlessly integrated with your shore-side networks. And your fleet can now operate on one simple platform with value added services to meet the needs of your crew. Fleet F77 Provides communications options with cost effective applications.

Fleet F55 combines global coverage for voice with spot beam coverage for data. Whether equipping your coastal patrol fleet or pleasure yacht, Fleet F55 offers a versatile range of solutions previously restricted by size and expense of terminal hardware. Choose from MPDS or ISDN connections depending on your needs. Stratos-Station Satcom Fleet F55 delivers communications solutions optimized for performance and cost savings.

As your primary piece of communications equipment, Fleet F33 delivers you nearshore connectivity with “big ship” performance features. Operating in spot beam coverage areas, your vessel is now capable of low-cost voice and data transmission in addition to messaging, e-mail and web browsing. A truly cost effective solution from a small, lightweight antenna. Your fishing boat or pleasure yacht is now equipped to perform remotely.
Fleet Family - Fact sheet.pdf 
Inmarsat Satellite Phone Services
The new Inmarsat Satellite Phone Services offer high quality voice and data at 2.4 kbps via small and affordable equipment and attractive postpaid and prepaid calling rates. ISPS has three key variants for portable, fixed-land and marine usage, all delivered over the I-4 satellite network.

From launch the Satellite Phone Service will be available in most of Asia, Middle East and Africa. In Q4 2008 Inmarsat plans to roll out a global modernized network via the full I4 satellite constellation once the third I4 satellite is commercially available.

IsatPhone from Stratos

The IsatPhone is a dual mode phone designed to support voice and low speed circuit switched data over both satellite and GSM networks (900 MHz only). It offers a well proven design originally developed by Ericsson with a small and compact handset.

Handset Specification

Network I-4 satellite and GSM 900
Size 13 x 5 x 3.2 cm
Weight 210 grams with battery
Talk time Up to 2 hours 40 minutes (satellite and GSM)
Standby time Up to 42 hours (satellite and GSM)
Antenna Single satellite and GSM dual mode antenna
Data/fax 2400bps (satellite)
9600bps (GSM)
Voltage 4 Volts
Speech quality FR (Full Rate) digital encoded voice quality
Keypad 16 + volume side keys
Phone book 99 + SIM
Last called nos. 10
Missed call nos. 10
Speed dialling 1 – 9
Personalised melody Yes
ISAT phone - Fact sheet.pdf 
Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone
The 9555 is the smallest, most powerful phone ever produced by Iridium. The Sarantel Powerhelix stowed antenna combined with the only communications network that provides truly global coverage ensures that the 9555 offers exceptionally high performance from a very small package.

Physical Features and Enhancements

Brighter screen with 200 character illuminated graphic display
Illuminated weather-resistant keypad
100 entry internal address book with capacity for multiple phone numbers, email addresses and notes
Keypad lock and PIN lock for additional security
Speaker phone
Improved Short Messaging Service (SMS) and email capabilities
Upgraded mini-USB data port
Water and shock resistant
Calling Features:
Selectable ring and alert tones (8 choices)
SIM-based address book with 155 entry capacity

User-configurable call timers to manage costs
Call history for received, missed and dialed calls
Call Barring, Call Forwarding - Unconditional, mobile subscriber busy, subscriber not reachable
Clear Last Digit/Clear All Digits
Fixed Dialing
Pre-programmable International Access Code
Mailbox for voice, numeric & text messages
Quick Access Interface
Two-way SMS capability
Unanswered Call Indicator
Volume Adjustment (earpiece or ringer)
Iridium 9555 - fact sheet.pdf 
Inmarsat Completes First iSatphone Pro Satellite Phone Call
26th January 2010 – Inmarsat (LSE: ISAT), the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, announced today that the first call has been made using its global handheld service, IsatPhone Pro, which is on track for launch in June 2010. The first images of the new handset have also been released.

In preparation for launch, Inmarsat has passed a number of key milestones in the development of the service and finalized some essential contracts and distribution arrangements.
A contract to upgrade the Inmarsat ground network was completed on schedule by Lockheed Martin, and further testing on the integration between the handset and the ground network is underway.

Inmarsat’s partner for the handset development is Sasken Communications Technologies, which has led development programs for most of the world’s top mobile phone manufacturers. Elcoteq, the world’s third largest manufacturer of mobile phones, has been appointed to produce IsatPhone Pro at its facility in Tallinn, Estonia.

Eleven distribution partners, covering all geographic markets around the world, have been selected to sell IsatPhone Pro at launch: AST, China Telecom, Evosat, MCN, MVS, Network Innovations, NSSL, Satcom Global, Singtel, Stratos and Vizada.

“The first call is a significant milestone, and we’re very pleased with the voice quality in initial tests,” said Helen Stalker, Commercial Director of Global Satellite Phone Services.

“IsatPhone Pro is the ultimate combination,” she said. “It’s a robust handset that is easy to use, has long battery life, and offers a reliable global network connection. And it’s provided by Inmarsat, the market leader, with 30 years’ experience in providing global mobile satellite services.”

IsatPhone Pro is targeted primarily at professional users in the government, media, aid, oil and gas, mining and construction sectors. It will offer satellite telephony, with Bluetooth for hands-free use, voicemail, text and email messaging. Location data will also be available to the user to look up or send in a text message.
IsatPhone Pro is the first Inmarsat handheld to be purpose-built for its network. Optimized to deliver the best performance from the world’s most advanced mobile satellite network, it will be available on a global basis over the three Inmarsat-4 satellites, which have an operational lifetime into the 2020s.
About Inmarsat

Inmarsat plc (LSE: ISAT) is the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications. Since 1979, Inmarsat has been providing reliable voice and high-speed data communications to governments, enterprises and other organizations, with a range of services that can be used on land, at sea or in the air. The company's services are delivered through a global network of more than 500 distribution partners and service providers operating in 180 countries. For the year ended 31 December 2008, Inmarsat plc had total revenue of US$ 996.7 million (2007: $576.5 million) with an EBITDA of US$531.2 million (2007: $388.1 million). For more information, please visit
IsatPhone Pro FAQs.pdf 
Iridium OpenPortTM
Iridium OpenPort is the world’s first and only truly global IP satellite data network. With always-on Ethernet and three voice lines that can be used simultaneously, Iridium OpenPort from delivers reliable, cost-effective communications for shipping, fishing, workboat, research and crew calling markets around the globe.

Consisting of three main components: Above Decks Equipment (ADE), Below Decks Equipment (BDE) and CAT5 Cable, Iridium OpenPort from Stratos also includes all required support equipment. The system is easy to install, although professional installation is recommended.

To appeal to a wide range of customers, a number of service packages bundling data usage and voice minutes are available for one monthly fee. Larger volume voice and data packages with per unit discounts are also offered.


Always-on Ethernet
3 voice Lines that can be used simultaneously
Service package speeds of 9.6kbps, 32kbps, 64kbps, and 128kbps

Kit includes

Above Deck Equipment – Fixed mast antenna in radome with no moving parts
Below Deck Equipment – RJ45 Ethernet port, 3 RJ11 phone jacks
CAT5 Cable – 20m
Support Equipment – Mounting brackets, optimized handsets


Shipping Industry
Fishing Industry
Research Vessels
Crew Calling

Iridium Open Port fact sheet.pdf 
505 emergency calling
Free direct-dial safety service

For any oceangoing vessel, big or small, safety communications is of utmost importance. Previously, safety facilities were available via Inmarsat B, C, M, and Fleet 77 terminals, but not FleetBroadband. For this reason, Inmarsat has introduced 505 Emergency Calling exclusively for the FleetBroadband family of terminals.

What is 505 Emergency Calling?

505 Emergency Calling is a short code dialing facility that provides direct access to maritime relief. In a time of distress, a seafarer need only dial '505' - selected for its similarity to 'SOS' - to immediately contact a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC).

Please note that 505 Emergency Calling is not GMDSS compliant, and equipment compliant with GMDSS should be used in the first instance by those vessels equipped with it.

Quick facts

505 Emergency Calling is offered free of charge by Inmarsat, provided it is only used in emergencies
Designed primarily for smaller vessels that do not require GMDSS-compliant equipment
Only for use via FleetBroadband 500, 250, and 150
Calls are directed to a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre
Make 505 calls while engaged in an IP connection, but not ISDN

What to do
In an emergency, call '505' and clearly provide the following information:

Who you are - vessel name, telephone number and call-sign
Where you are - your latitude and longitude or a bearing and distance from a known geographical point
What is wrong - nature of emergency or difficulty
What you need - the type of assistance required How many - the number of persons on board
505 Emergency Calling.pdf 
Customer Managed Firewall Protection for BGAN, FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband

When accessing the Internet with BGAN, FleetBroadband or SwiftBroadband it is essential that you protect yourself against malicious Internet users. Integrated with the BGAN Infrastructure, Trench provides this security plus cost control by blocking specific traffic or applications. Accessed through the on-line interface of Stratos-Station Satcom Dashboard, it is easy to set-up and manage your firewall protection.

Protection Against Internet Threats
The Trench firewall sits between the satellite network and the Internet. It allows BGAN, FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband terminals to access the Internet while at the same time ensuring that incoming malicious traffic is blocked. Since Internet traffic is blocked before it goes over the satellite path you will not be charged for it – charges are levied only for IP traffic that passes over the satellite link in both directions. Using only the firewall on your computer blocks traffic after it has hit your bill, therefore Stratos-Station Satcom Trench brings you additional cost savings.

Stratos-Station Satcom Trench and IP Access Options

The level of protection achieved depends upon the type of IP Access selected. When using a Public IP address (TransparentAccess or NATtedAccess), the satellite terminal is visible on the Internet.

Configure the Trench Rule Set
It is easy to specify what traffic is allowed from the User terminal. For example:

Permit only email and block Web browsing
Permit only Web browsing to the corporate website
Permit only AmosConnect traffic

There are 3 ways to specify or select Firewall rules:

1. Public Rule Sets:
These are created by Stratos-Station Satcom and can be chosen for all SIM cards. For example Internet Access or Email only

2. Private Rule Sets:

These are created by the customer giving complete control over the IP Address, Protocol, Port and Subnet values when applying a rule to a configuration and can be set on all the User Profiles that belong to the same customer. You set this up and then simply use this rule set on any SIM card.

3. Custom Rules:
These are individual rules which are created by the customer, they apply only to one User Profile.
Trench fact sheet.pdf  
Stratos-Station Satcom Dashboard allows users to activate, deactivate, suspend, resume and make any changes to their SIM cards. It provides a (near real-time) overview of all traffic usage, rated against Stratos invoice price, which not only includes completed calls, but also calls that are currently in progress. At the beginning of the new month users can download invoices from Stratos-Station Satcom Dashboard in PDF format. In addition, users can subscribe online to electronic invoices in D91 or CSV format and receive files by email daily, weekly or monthly.

Benefits of Stratos-Station Satcom Dashboard

Users are in complete control of all provisioning
All online actions are performed real time, traffic is made available as near to real time as possible
Allow end-users to view their (priced or unpriced) usage information
Customize the Dashboard view by hiding and moving columns and saving your preferred layouts
Export all data to Excel or txt format for further processing or distribution

Access to Stratos-Station Satcom Dashboard is Available on Different Levels

Customer: all accounts and SIM cards for one Stratos-Station Satcom partner
Account owner: all SIM cards for one account
Sub-Customer: SIM cards that are activated under one customer-ID, allowing provisioning by a customer of our partners (full provisioning, CDRs without pricing)
Service Group: all SIM cards under one service group (CDRs with pricing). This service group is created by the Stratos-Station Satcom customer and can be, for example, one of his own departments
Service Group Limited: all SIM cards under one service group. (CDRs without pricing); this service group is created by the Stratos-Station Satcom Partner and can be, for example, one of his own customers)
End User: one SIM card only (no provisioning, CDRs without pricing)

User Requirements

Connection with a browser equivalent to IE 6.0
The highest level user (customer) must have a signed BGAN, SPS, SBB or FBB Stratos-Station Satcom contract, access for the lower level users (service groups and end-users) must be approved by the higher level (customer)
Dashboard fact sheet.pdf  
Iridium GoChat Cards™
Iridium GoChat™ is the new Iridium Crew Calling solution which replaces Iridium Crew Calling Scratch Cards.

These new cards deliver even more value to crew members:
- Value based pricing
- An attractive 24x7 price per minute
- Larger denomination cards with progressive discounts

Iridium GoChat Cards are available in physical and virtual cards in 30, 45 and 60 minute denominations. Decrement rates of 20 seconds apply, which is the same as with its predecessor, the Iridium Crew Calling Scratch Card. Please note that existing five minute virtual scratch cards shall remain at their existing rates and will no longer receive the Family First discount.

Other Features and Benefits
Crew members are now provided a warning tone and an announcement in English when there is 1 minute of airtime left on their card. Additional features and promotions for the Iridium GoChat service will be announced in the near future.

Iridium Crew Calling – Everyone Benefits!
Good for Crew:

Iridium Crew calling rates are very competitive with Inmarsat Super Quiet Time rates
The crew enjoys these rates 24x7!

Good for Ship Operators:

Captain’s calls over the same terminal are billed at postpaid rates
In-Network calling reduces outbound costs and slashes inbound costs
Meets crew welfare needs


AmosConnect from Stratos-Station Satcom integrates e-mail, fax, telex and GSM text into a single messaging system. This user-friendly and yet highly sophisticated solution can be tailored to meet your needs for mobile connectivity from small yachts to large fleets of commercial vessels. Stratos-Station Satcom offers an AmosConnect Basic version with which you can enjoy many of the benefits of AmosConnect at no charge. You always have the option to upgrade to the Full version if and when your e-mail needs change. Whichever package you choose, AmosConnect offers significant savings in time, money and administration.

AmosConnect from Stratos-Station Satcom is available for all ocean regions with Inmarsat-A, B, B-HSD, M, mini-M, Fleet, GAN, R-BGAN, BGAN, and FleetBroadband, as well as for Iridium satellite users. With the AmosConnect managed hub at Stratos’ Land Earth Station in Burum, The Netherlands, your satellite calls never leave the Stratos internal network, ensuring higher quality, more secure communications. And Stratos’ rigorous filtering of unwanted messages protects your system from viruses and spam.

Free AmosConnect Basic – Features
Web Download –
Simple auto-installation/registration program allows you to complete the entire activation process onboard, with no prior registration requirement.

Full Duplex Transmission –
Ability to send and receive e-mail simultaneously, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Automatic Message Compression –
Averages 50% for all file types, with up to 85% for text and database files, resulting in significant cost savings.

Reduced Modem Synchronization and Handshake Procedures –
Minimize connect time and related costs.

Automatic Mid-message Recovery –
Picks up after any interruption, minimizing time and cost of retransmission.

Coverage –
Works in all ocean regions via Special Access Code 65 using LES 002,012,013 or 022 (Burum, Perth, Auckland). GSM, NMT, PSTN, or ISDN can be used if ships are in range (CHECK last sentence – advanced only per brochure)

Security Features –
Automatic virus scanning of all messages to/from the Internet. Additional security options are available via AmosConnect Office and AmosConnect Online, as described below.

System Updates –
When any event, planned or unplanned, impacts service, AmosConnect Announcements are sent to your vessel via Inmarsat-C and/or to your office via fax.
AmosConnect Software 
AmosConnect™ Crew
One Prepaid Chatcard - Three Modes Of Crew Communication

Staying in touch with home has never been easier, thanks to the new all-in-one AmosConnect Crew from Stratos-Station Satcom. Combining two industry-leading services—AmosConnect and Stratos-Station Satcom ChatCard™—this extremely convenient service also offers huge benefits to ship managers.

A full crew communication solution that runs entirely separate from the business communication onboard your vessels
Control over size of e-mails via filters in AmosConnect Online
A motivated crew, and compliance with future ITF rules for free e-mail
Option to upgrade to a low-cost version that offers free e-mail to crew
Enjoy the privacy of having your own e-mail box
Use the same e-mail address on any ship or on shore, with your personal international SMS number
AmosConnect CrewComm Crew email Software 
AmosConnect Crew CommCenter
The All-in-One Crew Communication Solution

AmosConnect Crew CommCenter delivers three modes of crew communication – e-mail, SMS and voice – in addition to news subscription services. By combining two leading services from Stratos – AmosConnect and Stratos ChatCard – AmosConnect Crew CommCenter gives crew members a simple, convenient, and cost-effective way to stay in touch and up to date while at sea.

AmosConnect is designed for ease of use, with a minimum of menu options. The system runs separate from your onboard business communications, working on top of the AmosConnect Post Office, and keeping airtime usage to a minimum. Ship managers have control over traffic with limits on size and number of messages, using filters in AmosConnect Online.

Single Prepaid Card
Stratos-Station Satcom ChatCard can be used for both voice and messaging services.

Global Messaging
Send and receive Internet e-mails or SMS.

Global News
Vessels can be subscribed to multiple international and local news editions. Delivering personally relevant news to crew members.

Simple to Use
Easy registration and reload.

Personalized Structure
- Individual accounts, address books, and mailboxes for each user.
- Unique e-mail address and GSM number for each crew member.

Low Cost
Crew members purchase Message Credits; charges apply only to outgoing messages while incoming e-mail and SMS are free.

Users retain the same e-mail address and records on any ship or on shore, along with a personal international SMS number.

Message Size Control
Crew can send 1000-character text e-mail or standard 160-character SMS message.

Secure Format
No attachments are allowed, eliminating virus risk.
AmosConnect Crew CommCenter fact sheet.pdf 
AmosConnect™ Anti-Virus
Remote System Protection

IT networks onboard vessels, aircraft and other remote locations are becoming more complex and are increasingly vital for day-to-day business processes. A single virus infection can have serious repercussions in terms of time and cost.

The AmosConnect Anti-Virus service provides vital protection for your crucial satellite connected computer systems. Daily virus scanner updates minimise the risk of virus infections on your remote network. The updates are small in size and are further compressed to the absolute minimum via the AmosConnect service.

Key Features

Small updates, resulting in minimal airtime usage
Fully automatic updates, once installed no end-user interaction is required.
All computers on a network can be protected
Strong virus protection using proven technology.

This security service is in addition to the email virus scanning system which is already present in the standard AmosConnect service.

The AmosConnect Anti-Virus service is a combination of the following successful products:

Port IT Anti-Virus
AmosConnect Antivirus (Port IT ACAV) 
AmosConnect™ eNoAD
Fast and free-of-charge compliance with U.S. Coast Guard requirements

AmosConnect eNoAD-USCG software makes it easy for your vessels to comply with the U.S. Coast Guard requirements for electronic submission of Notices Of Arrival and Departure (eNoAD).

Easy to distribute and install on your vessels, the U.S. Coast Guard offers an onboard solution based on Microsoft Office 2016 and its InfoPath 2016 component. Although this is the preferred method for submitting eNoAD forms, it is not always compatible with your onboard PC configurations.

To avoid having to make unnecessary Windows upgrades or causing your vessels to experience delays, Inmarsat has developed easy-to-distribute and easy-to-install AmosConnect eNoAD-USCG software for onboard use.

This software allows you to fill in the eNoAD forms, thus meeting the business rules of the USCG. Then you can submit forms in the required format to the USCG National Vessel Movement Center. For more detailed information click documentation link on the right or visit the US Coast Guard website.
AmosConnect eNoAD Software  
Stratum Five & fleetrack
Stratum Five uses universal Internet protocols to allow multiple users to view and share voyage information around the world. The information is stored securely on redundant web servers and protected from unauthorized viewing by data encryption and user authentication. The services we provide are simple, worldwide, and instantaneous. All solutions are accessible without any special software, using only a standard Internet browser and an Internet connection.

Fleetrack is our Internet-based vessel tracking system. It is the most flexible ship tracking system available. Ship voyages are tracked via interactive maps, which can be viewed on our website, on a customer website, and in daily emails. Voyage information consists of GPS information (latitude, longitude, speed, course) plus ten additional standard fields (destination, ETA, bunkers, etc.) and five additional custom fields.

Destinations are included on voyage maps, and bunker consumption is calculated on our website. The information is stored in an online database and can be searched by vessel name, date, or voyage number.

Practical and Usable - Internet solutions by Stratum Five conform to the user, not the user to the Internet.

Custom Solutions for a Lower Price - At Stratum Five we strive to keep costs down while adding value and service.

Simple and Fast - No fancy graphics, tickers, or confusing web pages detract from our product. We keep our pages small and our servers lightly loaded to make web requests process quickly.

Secure and Reliable - Stratum Five’s security system will only allow authorized users to view your data.
Stratos-Station Satcom ChatCard is a flexible and affordable solution for shipping companies to provide their crews with a convenient way to stay in touch with family and friends while at sea. A prepaid calling card that can be easily reloaded online, ChatCard can be used by crew for calling home, emailing or SMS and now with ChatCard Data, can be used for instant messaging and web browsing. With ChatCard Data, all crew Internet access costs are separated from the ship’s business communication costs and charged to the crewmember’s prepaid ChatCard.

Calls made via Chatcards will be charged per Flat rate from any ocean region to any destination anywhere in the world.

Chatcards are also available in Indian Rupees. We also have free cash pick up facility for our customers residing in Mumbai. For the convenience of the people who stays out of Mumbai, we have the facility of Direct deposit or Direct Transactions from Bank to Bank. Customers have to deposit/transfer fund in our bank account and inform us. We then check with our bank and on realisation we issue/reload the Chatcards.


1. Flat rate for calls from any ocean region to any destination anywhere in the world.
2. Payments in Indian rupees possible.
3. Free cash/cheque pick-up anywhere in Mumbai.
4. Happy hours applicable on Sat B,M,Mini-M and Fleet terminals.
5. No Connection fee, so you pay for only the time you speak for.
6. No first full minute charge and one second increment.
7. No accounting hassle.
8. Validity for one year and extends for another year once reloaded.
9. Chat Cards can be Reloaded.
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Fixed-to-Mobile Service for Voice and Fax Communications

MobileLink supports all satellite phone services offered by Stratos-Station Satcom operating in any marine, aeronautical, or remote land-based environment. MobileLink offers great savings over the normally higher tariffs of local telephone operators, when calling a satellite phone. It also provides an ideal voice solution in countries where the local telephone operator cannot access the Inmarsat satellite network.

To meet your requirements Stratos developed three MobileLink flavors:

1. MobileLink Easy
2. MobileLink Secure
3. MobileLink Flex

MobileLink Easy
MobileLink Easy is best suited for those who may dial a single satellite phone or group of phones on a regular basis. With MobileLink Easy, a specific fixed number is assigned to each voice or fax number that you regularly call, so that you do not have to enter the satellite phone number – the call is connected automatically when you enter the fixed number that has been linked to that specific satellite phone number. You can request for a North American or European fixed number.

MobileLink Secure
MobileLink Secure is similar to MobileLink Easy, but adds a protection against undesired usage of the service. With MobileLink Secure, a specific Access Code is assigned to each voice or fax number that you regularly call. After dialing a generic fixed number, you will be prompted to enter your Access Code, so that you do not have to enter the satellite phone number – the call is connected automatically when you enter the Access Code that has been linked to that specific satellite phone number.

MobileLink Flex
MobileLink Flex allows you to dial any satellite phone number. It also supports speed dialing and the use of a personal PIN Code. After dialing a generic fixed number, you will be prompted to enter your Access Code. Next step is to enter the satellite phone number you want to dial. Via a voice prompted menu you can make use of a speed dial number. The list of that numbers can be managed by the customer.
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Traffic and Billing™
Traffic and Billing Explorer (StratosTaB) allows you to monitor your Stratos traffic in great detail, both in terms of use (seconds, bits) and cost (US$ or AUS$). TaB also gives you a flexible way to price your traffic for internal cost control or rebilling purposes.

TaB consists of 2 parts: the Traffic and Billing software, and the traffic files which are sent to you by e-mail.

TaB includes all 012 and 222 Inmarsat traffic data, including MPDS and R-BGAN. Iridium traffic is available in TaB as well. In addition, all AmosConnect™ details are available, including the costs per e-mail, user and post office.

Features and Benefits:

Complete overview of 012 and 222 Stratos mobile traffic data
Available per account, terminal group or individual terminals
Rebilling options
More details than paper invoices
Every call shows the month the call is invoiced
Updates can be sent every day, week or month
Available as a plain text version as well (limited number of columns)
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BOW GSM Service
The BOW GSM Service allows you to use you GSM cell phone on board of a vessel in combination with FleetBroadband from Stratos-Station Satcom.

Compelling FleetBroadband bundles include airtime for commercial use, the GSM equipment and, optional, an FBB terminal. No investment is needed. The GSM traffic will not interfere with business phone calls and will be charged separately to the user.

The BOW GSM Service allows crewmembers to make phone calls and send and receive SMS messages. The Service also provides reliable voice connectivity, enabling ship managers to quickly contact merchant maritime officers.

The BOW GSM Service is a full mobile service supporting:

Voice calls outbound and inbound
SMS messages outbound and inbound
SMS notifications
Phonebook and short dial code functionality of the GSM phone

Benefits for Ship Managers and Owners

Cost effective – No investment in hardware required
Commercial and crew traffic using the same terminal without any interference
Yearly terminable contract
Improved productivity through instant access to people and information
Security of reliable hardware and maintenance

Benefits for Officers and Crew

Affordable way to stay in touch with incoming/outgoing calls and SMS messages
Privacy of making and receiving calls in personal quarters
Familiar technology using an existing GSM handset
Multiple GSM calls at the same time possible
From 1st July 2009, the Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) regulation implemented under SOLAS V/19-1 requires operators of ships engaged on international voyages, including passenger ships, cargo ships of 300 gross tonnage and above, and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) to provide tested and certified shipborne equipment for the transmission of LRIT information.

It is a requirement that your vessel keeps this certificate on board and available for inspection.

The LRIT regulation requires no action or invention on behalf of the Master other than ensuring the equipment remains powered up and logged in at all times.

Hardware: Where the existing onboard equipment is not suitable or a stand-alone LRIT solution is required, We recommends the installation of a dedicated LRIT terminal.

Thrane & Thrane TT-3000LRIT: A simple and secure terminal delivered directly to the ship, pre-configured for immediate use and inclusive of all Inmarsat C operational processes.  

The SEVSAT Broadband connection opens new possibilities for life at sea, both on and off duty. Running the ship efficiently has always been a primary concern to the shipowner. With SEVSAT you can coordinate and handle issues on the ship with the land based resources available through the broadband and the telephone lines.

In a time where qualified crew are becoming scarce it is increasingly important to attract and retain the experienced and motivated seafarers you need to run your ships efficiently.

SEVSAT changes life at sea in many ways:
To the seafarer this means a better quality of life onboard with TV, telephone and internett access
The shipowner can distribute information and updates effectively as the ship is always online
The crew can draw on land based resources available through the internet and use email to handle issues that arise
Family and friends may get in touch worldwide

Crew Call

Ship Equip offers high quality telephone lines as an integrated part of the SEVSAT Broadband solution. The Crew Call solution may be associated with one or more of these lines.

Crew Call is essentially a telephone line that is open for outward calls by entering a call code. The code is associated with a certain amount of credit that is pre-paid by the user. Before commencing the call, the caller is informed of the number of minutes remaining on the card. The requested telephone number will be matched with the tariff for the call.

A Crew Call solution is associated with the telephone line and the line is then reserved for outgoing calls. All calls through this line require a code in order to make a call.

SPOS from Meteo Consult group Provides the master with all relevant weather forecast information and tools to optimise his voyage planning. With today’s technologies (computers, satcom) this is well possible and cheaper than routing support from a meteorologist onshore. Furthermore the master is responsible for the vessel and is best aware of operational interests and restrictions for vessel and cargo.

Therefore We offers shipping companies a software tool that can be installed on a normal computer with e-mail access. Via SPOS the master can subscribe to a weather forecast for his ocean and/or coastal area and receive up to 2 updates per day. All that at a fixed annual subscription fee so there are no surprises for the budget of the owner/manager.

Onboard, the master receives a complete weather forecast with high quality data which includes pressure, wind, sea, swell and ocean currents. Also fronts, ice limits and tropical cyclone forecasts are available. When the master chooses an extended forecast set, also 500mb charts, weather (rain, snow, thunder, fog,…), risk of precipitation, temperatures of sea and air, visibility and risk of icing become available in SPOS. MC
Station Satcom News
Station Satcom News is a DAILY NEWS service to mariners covering all important happenings in the Nation and International Arena. This service is started with the motto to help in providing quality news to the seafarers. The contents of the Station Satcom News are as follows: NATIONAL NEWS, INTERNATIONAL NEWS, BUSINESS NEWS, SPORTS NEWS, EDITORIALS, and ENTERTAINMENT & JOKES.
The marine communication equipment and systems that we sell are basically used for voice communication, data transfer and internet connection. Our communication systems include Sat-B, Sat-C, Sat-M, Mini-M, Fleet 33,55,77, FleetBroadband, ISAT, Iridium & VSAT.

The marine navigation equipment and systems that we sell are designed to determine a vessel’s position and direction, and controlling the movement of the vessel from one place to another.

We also deal in suppying the Equipments like Radar, GPS, Engineering & automation, Radio equipments, Echo sounder, software solutions and Many more.

For more information contact us.

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